Yull Browns Gas is a renewable energy and ecologically pure technology that is widely admired in the world today.

Yull Browns Gas in today’s world

Utilizing energy produced from water has a massive potential today and the many possible applications of the world renowned Brown’s Gas can be developed and delivered into a welcoming global market enabled by the availability of Brown’s Gas Generators in volume.

We have evolved a number of technically advanced solutions in the form of inventions for real world problems like Cleaner and Cheaper Industrial Thermal Combustion, even National Energy Supply.

Our inspiration and technological heritage can be traced back directly to our mentor Research Professor Yull Brown, the man responsible for the popularization of Brown’s Gas in the modern world.  We named our website after him.

Water Gas inventor

Research Professor Yull Brown was a famous innovator in the field of the electrolysis of water to produce water gas in the 1970 to 1996 period.  He invented a unique hydrogen and oxygen generator that produces water gas and came to be called  Brown’s Gas.

A Truly Humanitarian Inventor

Yull Brown is popularly honored worldwide as one of the greatest truly humanitarian inventors in history and his legacy includes a myriad of  potential uses of Brown’s Gas that are yet to be made real.

Brown’s Gas is popularly known by various keyword strings including  Water Gas, Water Fuel, HHO, which were all popularized with the original Brown’s Gas name.

Yull Brown invented a highly efficient electrolytic cell in the 1970’s which disassociated water into its’ constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen gases without the need for a diaphragm which traditionally kept the gases separated at all times.

Brown’s Gas Generators

Water GasThe Brown’s Gas-generating alkaline electrolyzer uses a mixture of sodium hydroxide with the supplied water to form an effective electrolyte with a measured conversion efficiency in the 90 to 95% range excluding cable and other system losses. The theoretical energy level of hydrogen/oxygen gas is in the range of 50,000 Btu’s per pound. Brown’s Gas has about 66,000 Btus per pound (and, with some proprietary technological priming, up to 210,000 Btus).

Source: Andrew Michrowski, President, Planetary Association for Clean Energy, International Hydrogen Congress and Exhibition 2005.

Thus, he achieved remarkably, a stable mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the exact ratio of two volumes hydrogen to one volume of oxygen.  The process was granted patents in twelve countries.

Brown’s Gas is non-polluting — it does not even emit the nitrogen oxides, which results from hydrogen burning. It is naturally recyclable — the product of its burning is pure water. Brown’s Gas is adaptable, like hydrogen, to most of the existing energy utilization technologies, without any major modifications.

Source: Andrew Michrowski, President, Planetary Association for Clean Energy, International Hydrogen Congress and Exhibition 2005.

Yull Brown was a man who not only spoke about the future like so many do, rather he ably  demonstrated his promise to provide humanity with the fuel that was destined to eventually replace fossil fuels on planet Earth.

Yull Brown actually demonstrated how a workable concept for clean power could be made workable in reality by harvesting water from the ambient atmosphere (rain water) and decomposed it into a unique blend of hydrogen and oxygen gases that became famous as “Brown’s Gas”.

Yull Brown went onwards from the 1970’s into the mid 1990’s to articulate the application of the unique properties of Brown’s Gas and established its credentials to do whatever fossil fuels could do.

Successive Management of the Brown’s Gas Heritage

Peter GriffithsThis website was authorized and is sponsored by his visionary business associate Peter Griffiths an Australian who supported Yull Brown in many projects including the historic technology transfer to NORINCO in 1991.

Peter was Yull Brown’s private secretary, corporate secretary and business adviser for Yull Brown’s private licensing company from 1986.  Peter was with Yull Brown on May 22, 1998 when Yull Brown died at Westmead Hospital in Auburn, Australia.

Today Peter is an inventor in his own right.

To Peter leadership is a phenomenon of faith that is built on goals and a perception of things to come, aiming for a more pristine, sustainable and enduring civilization, following a path opened up by Brown’s Gas founder Research Professor Yull Brown.

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