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We’ve provided an overview here of the functions of our high energy product made with water and the benefits to your company.

Business Survival 

We deliver, install and commission Brown’s Gas Oxy-hydrogen systems so you can produce clean and cheap combustible gas onsite from water at a fixed cost, protecting your production profitability from soaring fuel prices and restricted supplies, enabling your business to maintain profitability.

With this system you can:

  • Achieve deep decarbonization and ultimate sustainability for your business.
  • Use a safe and eco-friendly combustion catalyst made from water.
  • Produce combustible oxy-hydrogen gas onsite at a fixed cost 24x7x365.
  • Reduce volumes of any other fuel.
  • Reduce costs of any other fuel.
  • Achieve more production from the same quantity of fuel used.
  • Integrate with any type of boiler, furnace, or kiln.
  • Reduce unburnt hydrocarbon emissions by more than 96%.
  • Incinerates unburnt particulate matter.
  • Maintain profitability levels during fuel price spikes.

Heat From Water

Brown’s Gas is produced much like electricity by the pulsing of potentials between particles of matter.  The process is known as electrolysis pulsing electricity through water’s constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen producing an electrified combustible gas with the highest calorific value known.

The Brown’s Gas system takes one liter of distilled water as its raw input, and by adding 4 kilowatts of electricity per hour, produces 1,866.67 liters of clean and combustible gas per hour with a calorific value of 32 Kcal per liter.


Easy & quick heat productivity comparison to some fuels.


  • Brown’s Gas 59,733 kilocalories of heat energy from 1 Liter/KG of water.
  • The equivalent in Fuel Oil at 8,000 Kcal/L is 7.5 L/KG.
  • The equivalent in Natural Gas at 8,500 Kcal/SCM is 7.0 SCM.
  • The equivalent in Coal at 3,600 Kcal/KG is 16.6 KG.


Oxy-hydrogen machines can be connected in series in a bank of machines to generate any desired level of Brown’s Gas output.


As Brown’s Gas acts as a combustion catalyst and causes the near complete burning of fuels more than 96% of unburnt hydrocarbons are reduced.

Brown’s Gas combusts in its own envelope of oxygen and takes no oxygen from the atmosphere.


Return On Investment

Brown’s Gas Oxy-hydrogen systems generally are priced to show a return on investment in under one year.

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