HHO Primary Cause of Combustion

Primary cause of combustion

What gives life to planet Earth on the physical plane?

Without air to breathe and water to drink the combustion in organisms on Earth cannot function.

Air is water vapor (moisture that is water) and water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen.

Combustion external to man for example is accomplished by burning a fuel after an ignition source sparks the flame.

In the absence of air (that is 21% pure oxygen) the ignition of a flame will not occur.

Earth’s atmosphere consists of the ordinarily non-combustible nitrogen 78% and 21% oxygen that does support combustion.

Nitrogen tempers oxygen’s ability to support combustion, but it is not abundant enough to create a lack of biologically necessary oxygen.

In the absence of a traditional fuel flames do occur, the candle being a familiar and simple example of a flame appearing to burn in air.

In the absence of air no combustion is possible on Earth.

It is customary in assign calorific values to the elements and petroleum fuels to indicate the volume of heat it is capable of producing.

The prices paid for fuels is directly related to the perceived calorific or heat yielding value of a particular fuel.

And yet, no heat value is achievable in the absence of air.

 Because hydrogen ordinarily doesn’t exist in elemental form, even when you produce hydrogen artificially and react it with a source of ignition, hydrogen isn’t being burned. It is the substance supporting the “burning.”

The point here is to establish the fact that air is the primary cause of combustion.

When Brown’s Gas is used in combustion it is basically to provide man with a superior type of air.

Fuel suppliers have long exploited the lie that fuels are the primary cause of combustion.

The grades of different fuels distilled from crude oil for example are priced according to their established calorific value.

Now, what happens when a thing enters this scene that can cause any substance to combust at not a fixed calorific value, but in a range from 120 Celsius to 6,000 Celsius plus?

This thing has an Interactive Heat Characteristic.

The fixed idea that heating values are derived by fixed calorific values is contradicted.

The reality that air is the primary cause of combustion comes into view.

Now when this thing that has entered is made up of pure oxygen and pure hydrogen we see oxygen being carried by hydrogen to burn.

And so we return to air which is 21% oxygen.

This new thing has a higher oxygen content than air.

This thing is a superior primary cause of combustion than air.

This thing is Brown’s Gas.

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