HHO Car Kits produce Hydrogen, they do not produce HHO, Oxy-hydrogen or Brown’s Gas.

All too often web marketers exploit the Google keywords for HHO, and Brown’s Gas, and even claim in their websites that what are actually Hydrogen Fuel Cells produce Brown’s Gas.

No doubt these marketers have no idea of the distinction between pure Hydrogen and Brown’s Gas, yet their marketing amounts to a fraud.

Here is a screenshot of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Kit correctly marketed as a Hydrogen Fuel Cell on Ebay.


Here is a screenshot of a website marketing similar components and claiming it as not only a HHO kit, but also as a Hydrogen Assist Kit. So what is being sold, a HHO or H?


From the above pictures it is clear that what is actually a Hydrogen Cell Kit is being falsely marketed as a HHO or Brown’s Gas Kit.

HHO or Brown’s Gas can only be produced in what is a called a common ducted electrolyzer.

When these kits are used with an engine they are effectively burning Hydrogen which burns at a very high temperature, higher than natural gas or LPG for example. Engines that run on LPG have modified pistons to withstand the heat of burning LPG.

Hydrogen and oxygen mixed together are regarded as being unsafe, volatile and explosive.

Engines do run using HHO or Brown’s Gas, however, rather than running hotter they actually run cooler than normal.

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