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Products Marine Engines: Vessels can run oxy-hydrogen power plants with an effective outcome as a fuel catalyst reducing both costs and pollution.

In terms of profits to the owner, and also to the environment the economic viability of any change is the most important consideration in the industry, inherent with the need for all standards and conventions to be abided by with the least additional equipment onboard.

Products Marine Engines

Brown’s Gas HHO is the best option for running a ship on a gaseous fuel.

Products Marine Engines
Brown’s Gas HHO Generator
  • Brown’s Gas HHO is generated on board on-demand with one liter of distilled water producing 1,866.66 liters of Brown’s Gas per hour for an input of 3 Kw/hr electrical current.
  • Brown’s Gas for running HHO Marine Engines does not need storage and re-fueling.
  • No modifications are required to existing engines as the BG HHO is fed into the existing air intakes of the engines.
  • Engines run better with BG HHO showing reduced noise and vibration, and so prolonging engine life.
  • Unlike using hydrogen fuel cells for powering ships with hydrogen, the following systems are not required when using a BG HHO Generator onboard ships: 1. Electric Propulsion systems. 2. Hydrogen storage tanks 3. Compatible piping systems for Electric Propulsion System.
  • Since recent times, the cost of production. manufacture and generation of Brown’s Gas HHO is comparatively much lower when compared to that of fossil fuels and especially hydrogen.

Brown’s Gas HHO is a well known and mature technology since its introduction in the mid 1970s. The delay in its widespread use was in getting manufacturing capabilities to s scale to service world markets, which has recently been achieved.

BG HHO Marine Engine Owner Viability

Products Marine Engines: The major concern regarding running ships is their economic viability. With the proven workability and safety of Brown’s Gas HHO and low costs of acquisition vessel owners have an effective cost and emissions reducing capability within their reach. The long time for research and development of hydrogen fuels, and whether or not they become equivalent toor cheaper than fuel oils remains to be seen.

Considering the life cycle benefits of the vessels with such systems onboard, the return on investment can be guaranteed. Additionally with Brown’s Gas HHO the storage cost of hydrogen above the ground for refueling is overcome.

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