HHO Applications

HHO is Brown’s Gas

Customers of Brown’s Gas

Industrial applications of Brown’s Gas HHO solve the problems of high fuel costs and pollution from burning fuels. Our customers use Brown’s Gas in steam boilers, furnaces, diesel electric generators, engines and for metal cutting.

Fuel Replacement Videos (Coal, Acetylene, LPG)

Steam Boilers

Steam production 10% replacement of coal fuel. Expert’s Report at this link Boiler Upgrade Case Study

Metal Cutting

Metal Cutting 100% replacement of oxy-acetylene fuel. White Paper at this link Metal Cutting

Brown’s Gas HHO added to Propane boiler burner. 1,000 L/hr HHO generator using 0.5 Liters water per hour. Read more on Boiler Upgrades

The inventor demonstrates the safety of Brown’s Gas HHO and its Interactive Heat Effect.


Example Industry Sectors: Mining, Shipping, Power Stations



Mining Generators


Fuel cost and emissions reduction in mining industry. Read more Mining Generators


Ship Engines

Huge fuel cost reductions in maritime industry. Read more Ship Engines


Power Stations

Huge fuel cost and emissions reduction in power industry. Read more Power Stations

What is Brown’s Gas?

Brown’s Gas is electrolyzed from water (the cheapest and cleanest raw material found on our water planet) is 100% clean, is 100% zero emissions, and is the cheapest clean combustible gas in the world. Brown’s Gas also known as HHO (Hydrogen Hydrogen Oxygen) reduces the costs and emissions where carbon fuels are used for example it is used to replace hydrogen, acetylene, propane, LPG, CNG, diesels, coal and biomass fuels.

Benefits of Brown’s Gas

Brown’s Gas is produced on-site and used on-demand from a machine that uses electricity to transform water mixed with a salt (KOH Potassium Hydroxide) into Brown’s Gas. Thus the costs of storage, safety protocols and fuel delivery are avoided.

HHO Generator


What is HHO?

HHO is the modern popular wording to describe the result when water is converted to gases.

Brown’s Gas HHO provides combustion support for a wide variety of industrial equipment and reduces fuel costs and emissions not only in fossil fuels but also biomass and biofuels.

Our Brown’s Gas HHO Electrolyzers are the most efficient electrolyzers of water in the world using only 3 kWh of electricity per 1,000 liters of combustible combustible gas produced. The gas production capability of our machines is unlimited running from thousands into millions of liters per day.

Peter Griffiths – President and CEO YBG GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD.

H stands for Hydrogen and O stands for Oxygen. Water in a liquified state is comprised of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen.

HHO is more commonly known as Brown’s Gas. Brown’s Gas is an ecologically pure product, named after Research Professor Yull Brown an Australian citizen who invented Brown’s Gas Generators and popularized the use of an intimate mixture of hydrogen and oxygen in the mid 1970’s.

Brown’s Gas is an ecologically pure, zero emissions, economically efficient source of combustion energy produced from water.

Peter Griffiths – President and CEO YBG GROUP INTERNATIONAL PTY LTD.

In the early 1990’s he introduced the technology to China and spawned an industry that now exists on a massive scale inside China.

HHO YBG Group Generators


YBG Group International Pty Ltd Registered Mark

Dr. Peter Griffiths the President and CEO of YBG Group International Pty Ltd has continued the Brown’s Gas heritage as he did when assisting with the technology transfer to China in 1991.

YBG Group now uses the words BG HHO when talking about Brown’s Gas in this milenium.

Common Applications of BG HHO


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