Heavy Truck Onboard Fuel Saver

This product is the only real direct current (DC) oxy-hydrogen generator model existent in world markets. All supposed HHO and Hydrogen fuel cell devices marketed on the web do not produce Brown’s Gas. Benefits Brown’s Gas Oxyhydrogen onboard vehicle-mounted oxyhydrogen generator is a highly efficient fuel-saving machine:

  • Fuel-saving up to 20%, 30% for older engines.
  • Brown’s Gas has a high calorific value, the combustion of hydrogen and oxygen with fuel can improve the efficiency of the engine, thereby improving the fuel economy of the entire system.
  • Increase the power by 10-20%.
  • Compared with pure fuel operation, the use of Brown’s Gas can yield an average 20% increase in engine torque, thereby increasing the power.
  • Reduce harmful gas emissions by 30%, as Brown’s Gas is easier to ignite and burn.
  • Makes diesel exhaust black smoke disappear quickly and purifies the automobile exhaust system.
  • Remove carbon deposits, Brown’s Gas can break the carbon structure of colloidal carbon deposits, and effectively burn and remove carbon deposits.
  • Extend the life of the engine, the Brown’s Gas can reduce the ignition delay and shorten the combustion time.
  • Improve the compression ratio and thermal efficiency, reducing the temperature of the engine, and reduces engine noise.

Onboard Excavator – Eliminating Smoke Indicating Optimal Fuel Combustion

Onboard Truck With In Cabin Control Switch


Brown’s Gas oxyhydrogen vehicle-mounted devices use the high-energy and catalytic properties of oxyhydrogen. When the engine is running, oxyhydrogen is added to the combustion chamber of the engine to assist fuel combustion. The original performance of the engine is improved, the fuel is fully burned, fuel consumption is significantly reduced, the throttle response speed is increased, exhaust emissions are reduced, and the service life of the engine is greatly extended.

Safety The Brown’s Oxyhydrogen Gas from the Fuel Saver Generator will not damage an engine:

  1. The oxyhydrogen gas is used as produced so it cannot overfill the engine.
  2. The model is specifically designed for heavy-duty trucks, the ratio of HHO gas and fuel is optimized.
  3. The oxyhydrogen gas reverts to water after combustion.
  4. The water will clean the engine and as opposed to harming an engine the water will protect the engine.

Gas fenerator for vehicles Brown’s Gas®

Brown’s Gas saves fuel and reduces emissions in engines. Our company is the original Australian Brown’s Gas company and we are ensuring the government & private sectors have the right machines, technology options and business models to deliver secure and reliable renewable energy to society. We share knowledge openly to help government & industry achieve the optimum clean energy technology of Brown’s Gas and thereby energy transition effectiveness. The environmental significance of

Brown’s Gas Generators Our advanced technology electrolyzer is robustly constructed stainless steel industrial strength grade machines. The generators produce a stable and continuous oxyhydrogen gas from water which releases our zero carbon and zero pollution high-energy gas.  Brown’s Gas is the only combustible fuel in the world that does not take oxygen from Earth’s atmosphere to burn and is mankind’s crowning glory in his quest for clean and green energy.

Special features

  • designed and installed gas purity reaches 99% to prevent water from entering the engine that could cause the engine cylinder block to be quenched.
  • life of the generator is more than 10 years.
  • researched and developed IGBT (Insulated-gate Bipolar Transistor) inverter power supply with efficiency and life span exceeding similar products in the industry.
  • independently developed electrolysis power generator and anti-flashback device.


Product Name: Brown’s Gas Generator Onboard 24V Model
Model: HHO Power
Input Voltage: DC 24
Rated Amperage: 10-15
Working Power (W): 235
Maximum Power (W): 350
Working Gas Pressure (Mpa): ≤0.2
Relative Humidity (%): 90
Rated Gas Production (L/h): 100±10%
Water Feed: Manual
Water Consumption (L/hr): 0.054
Water Tank Volume (L): 2
Cooling Mode: Air Cool
The Insulation Level: F
Power Supply Protection Grade: IP21S
Working Medium: Soft water or filter water
Working Method: Continuous
Ambient Temperature (℃): -10~40


Cars, Buses, Vans, Utilities, Trucks, Excavators, Prime Movers, Armoured Vehicles & Gensets with engines between 2.0-15.0 liters

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