The Cost of Oxy-hydrogen

In the world of energy, and in particular in the world of combustion, nothing comes close to the economic efficiency of Brown’s Gas Oxy-hydrogen generated from water.


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By taking one liter of distilled water as its raw input, and adding four kilowatts of electricity, a Brown’s Gas generator produces 1,866.67 liters of clean and combustible gas per hour with a calorific value of 32 Kcal per liter.

This means at an electricity price of 13 Rupees per kilowatt hours that 59,733 Kcal is generated for a cost of 52 Rupees, meaning a cost of 0.0009 Rupees per Kcal generated.  For western readers that converts to about US$0.00001 cents per Kcal.

As a comparison, the Table below presents data obtained from clients in India showing the cost per kilocalorie for a variety of fuels used in industry.:

FuelKilocaloriesCost in RupeesCost per Kcal
Furnace Oil8000 per liter55.00.007
Natural Gas8500 per m340.00.005
Indian Coal3600 per
Oxy-hydrogen32000 per m327.90.0009


The cost per kilocalorie in Indian Rupees is shown visually in the graph below.

It is easy to see that a company’s fuels costs are immediately reduced when the kilocalorie value of a fuel is replaced with Oxy-hydrogen kilocalories.

Oxy-hydrogen is a combustion catalyst fed into the air-intake of combustion plant, and for two decades has been proven to substitute for traditional fuels efficiently and cost-effectively in the combustion process.

The Oxy-hydrogen catalyst causes fuels to fully combust.

This means more heat is extracted from the same volume of fuels, simultaneously reducing the volume of unburnt hydrocarbons (by 96%) going up the smokestack as emissions into the atmosphere and surrounding environment.


Oxy-hydrogen is cheapest


Oxy-hydrogen is cleanest

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