Coal Reduction:
Brown’s Gas The Benefits

Using Brown’s gas as a catalyst for coal combustion can offer several unique selling propositions (USPs) due to its specific properties and advantages. Here are some USPs for the use of Brown’s gas in coal combustion:

Enhanced Combustion Efficiency: Brown’s gas can significantly increase the combustion efficiency of coal, resulting in more thorough and complete burning of the fuel, which means less waste and higher energy output.

Reduced Emissions: By promoting cleaner and more efficient combustion, the use of Brown’s gas can lead to reduced emissions of pollutants like sulfur dioxide (SO₂), nitrogen oxides (NOx), and particulate matter, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Improved Energy Output: Brown’s gas can boost the energy output of coal combustion, making it an attractive option for power generation, industrial processes, and heating applications.

Lower Fuel Consumption: With better combustion efficiency, the use of Brown’s gas can lead to reduced coal consumption for the same energy output, resulting in cost savings and resource conservation.

Versatility: Brown’s gas can be used as a catalyst for various types of coal, allowing for flexibility in coal selection while maintaining high combustion efficiency.

Quick Start-Up and Shutdown: Brown’s Gas can facilitate rapid start-up and shutdown of coal-fired equipment, reducing downtime and increasing operational efficiency.

Scalability: The technology can be scaled to fit various applications, from small-scale industrial processes to large power plants, offering adaptability to different industries.

Reduced Maintenance: Improved combustion can lead to reduced wear and tear on equipment, resulting in lower maintenance costs and longer equipment lifespans.

Enhanced Safety: Brown’s gas combustion is generally considered safer than traditional coal combustion due to reduced emissions and improved control over the combustion process.

Reduced Ash and Slag Formation: The use of Brown’s gas can minimize the formation of ash and slag during combustion, reducing the need for disposal and maintenance.

Carbon Capture Compatibility: Brown’s gas technology can potentially be integrated with carbon capture and storage (CCS) systems, helping to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions from coal combustion.

Energy Independence: By maximizing the energy output from coal, Brown’s gas can contribute to energy security and reduce reliance on external energy sources.

Green Energy Transition: As a cleaner and more efficient combustion option, Brown’s gas aligns with the goals of transitioning to greener and more sustainable energy sources.

Reduced Operating Costs: Improved efficiency and reduced fuel consumption can lead to significant cost savings for businesses and industries that rely on coal combustion.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations: The use of Brown’s gas can help industries meet stringent environmental regulations and emissions standards.

These unique selling propositions highlight the potential advantages of incorporating Brown’s gas as a catalyst for coal combustion, making it an appealing choice for industries looking to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their energy and heating processes.

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2017 – 2023

The Technological Discovery

2017: The first groundbreaking documentation of the technological transformation of a Coal Boiler with a 6,500 L/hr Brown’s Gas Oxyhydrogen Generator in Hunan, China saved 11.5% of coal consumed.

In 2018 the technology was further promoted at a high-level Conference – Asia-Pacific Forum on Low-Carbon Technology 2018 – available for reading at this link.

The Global Warming Mitigation Potentials

Brown’s Gas is proven to reduce NOx emissions by 59%. The importance of this fact is that NOx emissions have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 298 times CO2 per unit of mass. This means YBG can exponentially reduce CO2 emissions.

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Our plans:

  1. We are progressing with planned installations in India with our clients in the coal-fired power generation, cement, and fertilizer hard-to-abate-emissions sectors.

  2. We are taking steps to have the financial capability to service GW-scale coal-fired power stations in Asia. Refer: CleanPower Tech 


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