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browns gas 50th anniversary

Video @ 1988

water fuel holdings

The logo of Research Professor Yull Brown’s first company Water Fuel Holdings Pty Ltd.


Golden Anniversary

Brown’s Gas was discovered in the backyard workshop at Yull Brown’s home in 1973 in Auburn, Sydney, Australia.  Because of its inexplicable characteristics of reaching the highest temperature known to Man when ignited and put in contact with materials, and the fact that it implodes, it was incapable of being explained by classical scientific theories.

yull brown

Research Professor Yull Brown in his workshop at 182 Auburn Road, Auburn, Sydney, Australia circa 1975.

yull brown's stoichiometric generator

Original Vrown’s Gas Generator circa 1975.

browns gas generator name plate


report brown's gas

1987 – Independent Expert Report is available on the Brown’s Gas Technology Report at this link

Introduction to Brown’s Gas by the CEO

peter griffiths

Above: Peter Griffiths Founder & CEO of YBG Group International a chosen family member of Research Professor Yull Brown

Yull Browns Gas is a renewable energy and ecologically pure technology that is widely admired in the world today.

Utilizing energy produced from water has a massive potential today and the many possible applications of the world-renowned Brown’s Gas can be developed and delivered into a welcoming global market enabled by the availability of Brown’s Gas Generators in volume.

Brown’s Gas is the cheapest method for producing hydrogen from water using electrolysis.

It’s very simple, water contains two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, that’s why the symbol H2O, and the acronym HHO.

Electrolysis uses electricity to separate water into its constituent elements of hydrogen and oxygen.

The most productive gas that results from electrolysis combines both the liberated hydrogen and oxygen in a combustible gas, this is known as Brown’s Gas.

People trying to establish centralized hydrogen distribution businesses based on the centralized fossil fuel model waste oxygen and use only two-thirds of the gases released by the electrolysis of water.

This means one-third of the electrical energy used in electrolysis to produce only hydrogen is wasted.

Brown’s Gas is a godsend to the industry in a world where fuel prices have skyrocketed, and regulation of emissions is mandatory.

Being cheaper is far from the only advantage Brown’s Gas has over hydrogen.

Brown’s Gas offers the ultimate in energy security as it is not dependent on a centralized distribution system, rather it is generated on-site in compact generators.

As Brown’s Gas is used on-demand as produced there is no need for storage and the safety protocols associated with handling hydrogen.

Let’s look at cleanliness.

Here Brown’s Gas is lightyears ahead of hydrogen.  Brown’s Gas burns hydrogen in its oxygen content and takes no oxygen from the atmosphere in combusting.  Brown’s Gas burns underwater and in outer space.

Here at YBG Group, we have always known that the world could continue business as usual by adding Brown’s Gas combustion catalyst when burning fossil fuels.

Brown’s Gas replaces a proportion of the polluting fuel and thereby self-generates the money needed to profitably add Brown’s Gas to industrial combustion processes.

Brown’s Gas also zaps polluting emissions down to acceptable levels for business and life to go on as usual.

There is a lot more that could be written on this line, however, the bottom-line takeaway is that commercial hydrogen will never be competitive with Brown’s Gas when it comes to economical production and cleanliness.


Brown’s Gas Oxy-hydrogen is cheapest


Brown’s Gas Oxy-hydrogen is cleanest


Brown's Gas is a pure clean energy produced onsite from water using electrolysis.


Brown's Gas catalyzes combustion so that fuels burn near completely.


Brown's Gas is proven in industrial scale power plants.


Brown's Gas is one third cheaper to produce than hydrogen.


Brown's Gas is atmosphere neutral and destroys environmental pollution.

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