Brown’s Gas Systems 


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Brown’s Gas Systems deliver the unique value proposition to save fuel costs and are comprised of innovative cutting-edge Brown’s Gas electrolyzers and modular systems for decarbonization that reduce traditional biomass and fossil fuels use and global warming emissions. The systems available for download on this page allow for the convenient, cost-effective, efficient, and flexible on-site production of oxyhydrogen gas.

Brown's Gas Systems

Brown’s Gas Systems

10 TPH boiler system 10000

DOWNLOAD -10TPH Boiler System

20 TPH Boiler System 20000

DOWNLOAD – 20TPH Boiler System

20 TPH Boiler system 2x20000

DOWNLOAD – 40TPH Boiler System

100 TPH Boiler browns gas system 5x20000

DOWNLOAD – 100TPH Boiler System

Brown’s Gas Systems

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YBG GROUP is your partner for the lowering of steam production costs.
Our maintenance and services ensure efficiency and performance.


  • Integrated service concept for long-term performance
  • 24/7 support services
  • Regular on-site maintenance
  • 360° service package with a performance guarantee backed up by our case studies
  • Best possible price-performance ratio and ROI

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