Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Brown’s Gas and HHO.

What is Brown’s Gas HHO?

Brown’s Gas is named after the famous inventor Research Professor Yull Brown, an Australian citizen who passed away in 1996.  Brown’s Gas is a unique gas being a stoichiometric intermingled compound of hydrogen and oxygen gases produced from distilled water using the process of electrolysis to break water down to its constituent elements of two parts hydrogen and one part oxygen, into H2O.  HHO is an acronym for H2O.

One liter of water generates 1,866 liters of hho gas per hour (1.86 standard cubic meters SCM) using 3 to 4 Kw of electricity per hour.

Is Brown’s Gas HHO Safe to use in the workplace?

Yes, it is completely safe in the workplace.  Brown’s Gas is not dangerous to humans, in fact, it is used in medical circles as a therapeutic gas for inhalation purposes.  Brown’s Gas is not dangerous.  Obviously, it is flammable in combustion, however, in open air it dissipates quickly.  Brown’s Gas is well known to implode rather than explode.  The Brown’s Gas flame is a set of implosions as opposed to other fuels that explode.

Does Brown’s Gas HHO give off emissions?

Brown’s Gas burns in a completely environmentally friendly manner without any pollutants. The gas simply becomes water vapor again after combustion.  In fact, hho does not take oxygen from the atmosphere to burn, it burns in its own mantle of oxygen.  HHO can burn in outer space and underwater.

Can Brown’s Gas HHO be used in combustion with Fossil Fuels?

Yes, Brown’s Gas is carried on the air intake of any plant and acts as a catalyst for the more complete combustion of any fuel.  Our Case Study shows a 16% reduction in low calorific value fuels.

What are the benefits of using Brown’s Gas HHO?

Fuels burn more completely meaning less fuel is needed for the same process, and as nearly all the fuel is burnt little of it escapes as emissions to cause pollution.

Meaning, Brown’s Gas saves you a lot of money.

How much does it cost to produce Brown's Gas HHO?

Brown’s Gas is generated cheaply on-site using distilled water, electrolyte, and electricity as inputs.

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