Metal cutting using Brown’s Gas is a universal application that is clean, safe, low cost, and pollution free for precision metal cutting.  

Semi-Auto BG HHO Metal Cutting Demonstration

Brown’s Gas penetrates any material at the subatomic level and makes it chemically inactive (inert) and thus becomes easy to be cut. Flame cutting temperature with carbon steel is 2,600 degrees Celsius. Temperatures vary depending on the metal being cut. For example, Brown’s Gas sublimates tungsten which requires a temperature of around 6,000 degrees Celsius.

Brown’s Gas can cut any metal using manual methods and costs about 40% of the cost of Acetylene. Traditionally when using Oxy-acetylene three gases are used, Oxy-acetylene, low pressure oxygen, and high pressure oxygen. Acetylene and low pressure oxygen make the acetylene burn, and the addition of high pressure oxygen create a strong impact pressure to cut a steel plate.

Using semi-auto or automatic cutting per the above video high pressure oxygen can be added to the Brown’s Gas for even faster cutting rates. For semi-auto or auto cutting it is suggested to add 3% to 5% Propane, Natural Gas or Alcohol for an even higher efficiency and temperature.

Metal Cutting Generators

The BG HHO 1500 L/hr generator is recommended for cutting steel up to 20 millimeter thickness.

BG HHO Generator 1500 L/hr in quality control 9 January 2021
HHO Metal Cutting

BG HHO Manual Cutting Accessory

Cutting Accessory with Dry Type Anti-Flashback Device Circled.
Note the additional pipe for adding high pressure oxygen if desired.

Example of BG HHO Cutting Accessory with Dry Type Anti-flashback arrestor for manual cutting:

BG HHO Metal Cutting
Manual Pipe Cutting Cutting Example

Metal Cutting Accessories

BG HHO Metal Cutting and Welding Accessories With Various Nozzle Sizes
BG HHO Metal Cutting
HHO Welding and Cutting Torches

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