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Welcome to Yull Brown’s Gas, your premier source for sustainable fuel technology and eco-friendly energy solutions.
Our innovative Oxyhydrogen Generators harness the power of Browns Gas to provide clean, renewable energy solutions for a wide range of applications. Whether you are looking for energy efficiency projects with Oxyhydrogen, or low-carbon technology for industry, we have the solutions you need. Our Oxyhydrogen Generators are designed to provide clean, green energy solutions for a variety of industries, from manufacturing to coal-fired power emissions abatement. With our eco-friendly fuel solutions, you can reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the environment while saving on energy costs. Explore our site to learn more about our renewable energy solutions and how our Oxyhydrogen Generators can benefit your business.

How It Works 

Science Behind Brown's Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen for Engineers<br />

Science Behind Brown’s Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen for Engineers

universal declaration human rights

An Engineer’s Guide to Humanitarian Clean Energy and Human Rights

Client Sectors

Beverages industry
Glass Bottle Manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacture

Beverages Bottling:
Biomass Boilers

Glass Bottle Manufacturing:
LPG Furnaces

Solar Panel Manufacture:
Natural Gas Furnaces

Diverse Integration Excellence: Brown’s Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen in Beverage Bottling, Glass Bottle Manufacturing, and Solar Panel Production

In our diverse array of client sectors, we have pioneered the integration of Brown’s Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen across high-impact industries, each with unique challenges and opportunities. In the realm of beverage bottling, our technology seamlessly integrates with biomass boilers, optimizing combustion efficiency and significantly reducing emissions. For glass bottle manufacturing, where precision and cleanliness are paramount, Brown’s Gas HHO enhances LPG furnace processes, contributing to a greener and more cost-effective production. Similarly, in solar panel manufacturing, we’ve successfully integrated our technology with natural gas furnaces, ensuring efficient and sustainable energy utilization throughout the production cycle. These applications underscore our commitment to tailoring Brown’s Gas HHO solutions to diverse client sectors, fostering environmental responsibility, operational efficiency, and economic benefits across the board.

Revolutionizing High-Impact Sectors: Unleashing Brown’s Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen’s Transformative Potential

Introducing Brown’s Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen into high-impact sectors marks a paradigm shift towards sustainable and efficient solutions. This innovative technology, leveraging a synergistic blend of hydrogen and oxygen, has proven its transformative potential in various industries, from beverages and glass bottle manufacturing to solar panel production. Now, as we explore high-impact sectors, such as cement, thermal power, and steel production, the versatile nature of Brown’s Gas HHO becomes even more apparent. With the ability to significantly reduce emissions, enhance fuel efficiency, and improve overall operational processes, Brown’s Gas HHO emerges as a game-changer in fostering environmental sustainability, operational excellence, and economic benefits across diverse and critical sectors. As we navigate the complexities of these high-impact industries, the adoption of Brown’s Gas HHO signifies a commitment to a cleaner, greener, and more profitable future.


Empower Your Industry with Sustainable Fuel Technology: Introducing Browns Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen Generators

Transform your industry and embrace a cleaner, more efficient future with our cutting-edge Browns Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen Generators. Our sustainable fuel technology is a game-changer, offering eco-friendly fuel solutions that leverage the power of hydrogen fuel cells and renewable energy. Our generators are designed to enhance performance while reducing environmental impact, making them an ideal choice for energy efficiency projects. By harnessing low-carbon technology, you can embrace green energy solutions that drive positive change. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your industry and protect the environment. Embrace the power of Browns Gas HHO Oxyhydrogen Generators today.

About YBG Group International

YBG Group Emissions Reduction Categories


YBG Group International is an entity that develops and scales climate solutions.

YBG Group International is the global leader in the industrial application of Oxyhydrogen technology for lifecycle solutions for the manufacturing and energy markets. Our Brown’s Gas technology is without equal in sustainable technology helping our clients to continuously improve their environmental and economic performance.

YBG Group offers the unique ability to reduce emissions and fuel consumption in industrial combustion, especially in hard-to-abate-and-decarbonize industrial sectors. BROWN’S GAS SYSTEMS are available as oxyhydrogen gas generators for cost-effective, efficient fuel reduction & combustion enhancement. With over 50 years of experience, the company pioneers the development of fuel reduction technology to support a successful transition towards sustainable energy. Our “power-to-gas” technology is essential to the power-to-X value chain. Contact us to learn more about our innovative water fuel technology solutions.


YBG Group International sells the unique value proposition of the ability to reduce fuel and steam costs, and delivers, and installs Brown’s Gas Systems for biomass, coal-fired, and natural gas boilers in the range of 10, 20, 40, and 100 TPH (Tonnes Per Hour) and upwards. 


1. Reduce fuel costs

2. Reduce emissions

3. Shift from a non-abated fossil fuel emissions category to an abated fossil fuel categorization and thus avoid regulatory discrimination.

10 TPH Boiler browns gas system 10000

10 TPH Boiler System 10000

Customer Case Study confirms that the combustion efficiency improves in boilers by sixteen percent (16%) after adding 10,000 L/hr Brown’s Gas to biomass waste fuels, and similarly for thermal coal.  Replace about two tonnes of biomass or coal fuel hourly, or for 2-3 MW/h or multiples of electricity output. 

20 TPH Browns Gas System 20000

20 TPH Boiler System 20000

Replace about two tonnes of biomass or coal fuel hourly. Each YBG 20000 has an electrolysis capacity of 20,000 L/hr and can produce 48 kg of high-purity oxyhydrogen daily.  Its modularity makes it suitable for projects requiring 5 MW/h or multiples of electricity output.

40 TPH boiler browns gas system 2x20000

40 TPH Boiler System 2x

Replace about four tonnes of biomass or coal fuel hourly. Each YBG 20000 has an electrolysis capacity of 20,000 L/hr and can produce 48 kg of high-purity oxyhydrogen daily.  Its modularity makes it suitable for projects requiring 10 MW/h or multiples of electricity output.

100 TPH boiler browns gas system 5x20000

100 TPH Boiler System 5x

Replace about ten tonnes of biomass or coal fuel hourly. Each YBG 20000 has an electrolysis capacity of 20,000 L/hr and can produce 48 kg of high-purity oxyhydrogen daily.  Its modularity makes it suitable for projects requiring 25 MW/h or multiples of electricity output.

CleanPower Tech™

coal emissions reducrtion

Empower your company with the pure energy of Brown’s Gas.


Brown's Gas Technology And The next Industrial Revolution

Download your free copy of the Ebook ” HHO Technology And The Next Industrial Revolution” here

HHO Technology and the Next Industrial Revolution

For centuries, humans have relied on fossil fuels to power our society. But as the environmental consequences of burning these fuels become more severe and the supply dwindles, we need to look for alternative sources of energy. One promising technology that has been gaining attention in recent years is HHO (also known as Brown’s Gas), a form of oxyhydrogen gas that is created by splitting water molecules using an electrical current.
In this book, we explore the potential of HHO technology to transform our industrial landscape.

We also look at the science behind HHO and how it uniquely abates fossil fuel emissions.
But this book is not just about the science of HHO technology. It is also about the potential impact that it could have on our society. We explore how HHO could revolutionize the way we produce and consume industrial energy.

We look at the flagrant waste of transporting fuels around the world and the energy lost in the process. Then we look at the local distribution of fuels by road and rail. Then we look at the on-site storage infrastructure needed. All in comparison to the super-efficient onsite generation of Brown’s Gas from water and how it could change the economics and profitability of industries.

Ultimately, this book is a call to action. It is time for us to start seriously considering HHO as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. By embracing this technology, we have the potential to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for ourselves and future generations.

Client Sectors

Beverages industry
Glass Bottle Manufacturing
Solar Panel Manufacture

Beverages Bottling:
Biomass Boilers

Glass Bottle Manufacturing:
LPG Furnaces

Solar Panel Manufacture: 
Natural Gas Furnaces

Country Case Study

An increasing number of India’s prominent companies are embracing Brown’s Gas technology as part of their transition towards more sustainable and eco-friendly energy practices.

Borosil Renewables

The first and biggest solar glass manufacturer in India and U.K..

A part of the Borosil group which is well-known for the brand “BOROSIL®” which manufactures a range of lab ware, scientific ware, and consumer ware products.

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